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At Hall’s we carry a full line of boating equipment, everything from bumpers to boat hooks, anchors, aluminum ladders, and marine antennas. Skis, sonar, and shore power cords. For the avid fisherman or woman we have low-tech fishing nets and high-tech fish finders! Among our most popular items are anchors, tubes, pontoon fenders and flares. And don’t forget the life jackets!


There’s more to anchoring than just throwing out a big metal hook at the end of a line. There are actually several types of anchors (fluke, mushroom, plough, etc.) and you want to choose the right one for the type of boating you do and the bottom conditions that include rock, clay, grass, mud, sand, shoal and coral.

  • Does your home water bottom consist primarily of sand and mud? Then a Danforth Anchor is the right choice. It’s two pointed blades can really dig in and secure your craft.
  • For sand, rock, and mud, you’ll want a Hinged Plow Anchor that will penetrate through rocks to drive into the bottom.
  • For grass, clay, rock, and mud, experts suggest the Non-hinged Plough Roll Bar Anchor as the best choice.

Talk to us about your boating environment and we’ll be happy to advise you on the proper anchor for your boat.

Life Jackets

Life Jackets

Also known as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), life jackets or life vests are not only essential safety items for your boat, they’re required by law in all states although the specifics vary, and they must be U.S. Coast Guard approved.

Michigan law requires one PFD for every person on board and they must be the appropriate size for your passengers. They must be in serviceable condition and easily accessible. Children under age 6 must wear their PFD at all times when riding on board. There are several types of PFDs to choose from, including inherently buoyant or inflatable, and you’ll want to know how to select the appropriate style and sizes for your family members. Hall’s can help you decide which type of life jackets or vests will best suit your needs.



If you have a recreational power boat longer than 16’, federal law requires that your boat be equipped with some type of U.S. Coast Guard approved Visual Distress Signal (VDS). Among the most common are navigational flares. The three basic types include the handheld flare, the parachute or rocket flare, and the smoke canister.

  • The handheld flare is easily ignited and is held in your hand (as the name implies) while it burns for approximately 60 seconds. Hold it high and downwind over the side of the boat, and don’t look directly at the burning flare.
  • The parachute or rocket flare is usually fired by a flare gun above your head and downwind. It’s designed to burst well into the sky and float downwards into the water via parachute, drifting with the wind.
  • Smoke flares usually resemble large baked bean cans with a peel open top. Once the can is opened, it’s dropped into the water on the leeward side of the boat.

Talk with our knowledgeable staff about any of these common flares to determine which type and how many you’ll need for safe boating and peace of mind.

These are only a few of the accessories that are available at Hall’s Sports Center. For an even bigger selection of any accessory you can think of, from deck chairs to dry bags to hydraulic jack plates, check our online catalog. Make your boating life easy, convenient, and fun with all the right equipment!

Information provided is reliable but not guaranteed. Give our boating experts a call to confirm if information applies to you and your specific model.
2024 Crownline Captain's
2024 Crownline Captain's
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